The Malaysia Ultra League (MUL) Championship is a league that converges the ultrarunning communities of Malaysia.

Ultrarunners from Malaysia and elsewhere will have a platform that showcases and encourages their talents, ability, determination and achievements within the Malaysian based ultrarunning scene. You race – you earn points! Compete with every runner!

For ultramarathon Race Organisers, we aim to provide an avenue to promote races that are on par with international quality.

Please refer to the MUL website (http://mulc.my/) and look under the Races tab or click here.

MUL does not determine the dates for the races. The date selection is entirely up to the Race Organiser.

MUL does not organise any races. MUL only compiles the results of races that are recognised by the league.

MUL (and MURA) does not endorse/sanction/approve/authorise any race. We only keep a record of the results of MUL recognised races.

MUL is not involved in this aspect of any race. The safety considerations are the sole responsibility of the Race Organisers.

Malaysia Ultra League (MUL) is a program run by the Malaysian Ultra Runners Association (MURA). A committee within MURA operates and coordinates the MUL Championship.

From 2019 onwards, 1 January to 31 December 2019.

[For the 1st season (2016/17), it was from 1 December 2016 to 30 November 2017; the 2nd season (2017/18) was from 1 December 2017 to 31 December 2018. The 3rd season (2019) and beyond will be from 1 January to 31 December of said year].

MUL Candidate Races are:

  • New ultramarathon races in Malaysia joining the MUL
  • Existing ultramarathon races in Malaysia joining the league that have not previously been
    a part of MUL

MUL Candidate Races are accorded half the MUL points compared to a full-fledged MUL Race.
If the MUL Candidate Race is successfully executed as judged by the MUL Committee, the next
edition of said race will be categorised as a full-fledged MUL Race. Otherwise, the race will
remain as an MUL Candidate Race for another season.


You do not need to sign up for MUL points. If you join an MUL recognised race, you will automatically receive MUL points.

Yes. You do not need to be a MURA member to receive MUL points.

Yes. Fixed-time races are eligible for MUL points. However, you must complete 50 km or the minimum distance set by the organiser, whichever distance is higher.
For example, if the organiser states that you must complete 60 km in a 12 hour race to be considered a finisher, you must complete 60 km to receive MUL points, not 50 km. If the organiser states a minimum of less than 50 km to be a finisher, you must still complete 50 km to receive MUL points.

No. Only 50 km category and above are eligible for MUL points.

Yes. ‘50 km’ races which measure less than 50 km by GPS or other equivalent measuring devices will be fully eligible for MUL points.

No. MUL points are only for individual runners participating in individual categories. No points for teams, duo, pairs, groups, pacer-team, relays, etc., regardless of the race format.


Please refer to the MUL Points Calculation manual here. You can also download it here.

Please visit MUL website (http://mulc.my/) and look under the Leaderboard tab or click here.

MUL points are not redeemable for anything tangible — products, race entries, etc. You can use them to see how you compare to other runners in the league and to set personal challenges for yourself.

Please send us an email (info@mulc.my) describing your issue and we will investigate the matter.

The MUL points will be updated within the first 2 weeks of each annual quarter (i.e., within the first 2 weeks of April, July, October, and January).

MUL does not measure the Elevation Gain. We only use the Elevation Gain data provided to us by the respective Race Director.

Due to the additional challenges of trail races, more bonus points are awarded to trail races; thus, a trail race awards more points than a road race of equal distance.

This is not true. The scoring system is the same for men and women. However, in general, men tend to finish faster than women and hence would be allocated higher Finish Time / Cut-Off Time Bonus points.

There could be many reasons to explain this: distance, elevation gain, trail/road, finishing position, etc.

One of the main goals of MUL is to encourage participation in ultramarathons held in Malaysia regardless of runners’ performance level. However, we also reward top performances with additional bonus points.

No MUL points are awarded if the race is called off at any point (thunderstorm, flooding, accident, etc.). However, if you complete the race before it gets called off and are recognised as an official finisher, you will receive full MUL points. If a race gets officially downgraded and remains above 50 km, finishers will receive MUL points.


The top 20 Men and top 20 Women at the end of the season will receive prizes.

The prizes include trophies, certificates, free race slots, sponsored items, etc.

In ultramarathons, endurance rather than speed is key. Therefore, age is not as much of a factor compared to shorter races. However, we will revisit this topic in the future if deemed worthy.


Please send us an email (info@mulc.my) expressing your interest with a general description of the race. The application for a race to enter MUL MUST be received at least 3 months prior to the race. If the application process is successful, the race will enter MUL as an ‘MUL Candidate Race’.

  • A minimum distance of 50 km (road, trail, mixed, etc.). This is inclusive of fixed-time races (24 hour, 12 hour, 6 hour, etc.)
  • At least 50 runners in the ultra-distance (50 km++) categories combined
  • The use of an electronic race timing system by an external party e.g.,Mylaps, Runnersunite, Checkpoint, RaceYaya
  • The allocation of at least 1 free race slot to MUL. We award these slot(s) to selected runners during our Annual Gala Dinner.

Submit the race results within 10 days following the race, using the Standard Template format (MS Excel). This format will be provided to you by the MUL Coordinator.

It is free. There are no fees to enter MUL.

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Malaysia Ultra League Championship is property of the Malaysian Ultra Runners Association.
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