Malaysia Ultra League Championship

Malaysia Ultra League Championship

Malaysia Ultra League Championship



Malaysia Ultra League Championship

What is the Malaysia Ultra League Championship (MUL) ?

The Malaysia Ultra League Championship (MUL) was tailor made with an ambition to converge the ultra running communities via an Ultra League. The aim is to bring Malaysia’s ultra event organizers together , raise the bar on the quality of Malaysian ultra races and develop talented runners to compete competitively in international races.

Now ultra runners from Malaysia and elsewhere will have a platform to be encouraged and acknowledged their efforts and achievements for the year in the Malaysian based ultra races. And best of all, they have nothing to do to be part of it: they just have to register for their races and run.  At the same time, for the ultra race organisers in Malaysia, we aim to provide a platform to produce & promote races that are on par with international quality.

Our participating races

Penang Eco 100

Fraser Ultra


UiTM Ultra Marathon

The Magnificent Merapoh Trail (TMMT)

Titi Ultra

Sungai Menyala Forest Trail

Route 68 Challenge

Penang Ultra

Kuching Ultra

Gopeng Ultra


Back 2 Endurance

Cameron Ultra Trail (CULTRA)

The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT)

Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon (BUTM)

Malaysia Ultra Trail Festival

Bukit Cinta Ultra

Janda Baik Ultra

Sponsors & Organizer


Title Sponsor 2017

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Malaysian Ultra Runners Association

MUL Owner & Organizer

MURA, registered under the Registrar Of Society and formed in June 2014 is a non-profit entity that seeks to provide a national platform representing common interests of Malaysian ultra- runners to government authorities, sponsors, race directors and other stakeholders. As an officially registered body, it also seeks to represent Malaysian ultra-runners in international ultra- running arenas and communities. Locally, through organizing regular forums, running clinics, LSDs and working closely with the race organisers, MURA seeks to promote increasing standards of quality for Malaysian ultra-runners and ultra-races in the long term.

Malaysia Ultra League Championship is property of the Malaysian Ultra Runners Association.
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