Malaysia Ultra League Championship (MUL) point system begins annually from December-November (12 months). It is open to ALL Ultra Running race participation in Malaysia at no extra charge. The moment you join an ultra marathon, your name is automatically registered in MUL via the race database, provided if the said Race is part of MUL.

An Awards Gala Dinner to crown the year’s Malaysia Ultra League CHAMPION where the top 20 women and men will be awarded prices when qualifying for the minimum number of events.

Race Organizers

Major race organizers are part of Malaysia Ultra League, 50km being the minimum distance, with 50 participants with categories/distance/elevation gain/percentage of trail (for a mix trail/road race) AND race results for tabulation of points. Race results will be published via race organizer’s own websites/ social media platforms. MUL Ranking will be published on MUL web site and social media. For Race Directors willing to join the MUL races line up, you can email us at

Points Calculation Rules

The point system for the 2017 Championship is designed to be easily calculated and understood to ensure transparency. Finishers score based on the following points:

  1. Base points based on distance (min 50km)
  2. Bonus Points based on
    • Trail vs Road
    • Elevation
    • Timing
    • Position

Calculation details:

Base Points: 1km = 1 point (minimum 50km)

Bonus Points: Trail event (min 60% trail terrain) = add 30% on base point

Bonus Points: Elevation  (exclude loop races) – every 100m elevation gain = 1 km = 1 Point

Bonus Points: Timing – Nett finishing time vs Cut off time (COT)

Bonus Points: Position
100km and beyond: (1st – 10th positions men & women)

Bonus Points: Position
50km – 99km: (1st – 10th positions men & women)

TOTAL Base points + TOTAL bonus points(trail/elevation/timing/position) = TOTAL POINTS

Malaysia Ultra League Championship is property of the Malaysian Ultra Runners Association.
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