Below is the latest Top 20 results for the Malaysia Ultra League Championship for the Women and Men categories, season 2019. The results are calculated from only 4 races. We apologize for the long delay as there was quite a fair bit of races that were held during the month of February and March. We will try to catch up during the Ramadan months and hopefully we can publish the next result during Hari Raya.

Run safe run far run hard runners!

Women Top 20 – MUL Season 2019

MUL Women Top 20 Season 2019

Men Top 20 – MUL Season 2019

MUL Men Top 20 Season 2019

You can download the full results for April 2019 here and the detail summary for April here.
You can also search the results online at this link.
You can learn how to calculate the points by referring to the manual here.

Malaysia Ultra League Championship is property of the Malaysian Ultra Runners Association.
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