The following races are part of the Malaysia Ultra League Championship. You only need to run and finish successfully any of these races in order to qualify and get points to enter the championship.

MonthDateEvent NameDistance/DurationTypeOrganizerURL
January14-15/01/2017Watergate 16h16hRoad, LoopTeam PacatURL
January21-22/01/201724h Ultra24hRoad, LoopTeam Sports MarketingURL
February18/02/2017Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon50kmTrailBorneo Ultra TrailsURL
February26/02/2017Gunung Nuang Ultra12hrs/50kmTrail, LoopUltra Running MalaysiaURL
March17/03/2017Titi 100250km, 200km, 100km, 50kmRoadEndurance NatureURL
March25/03/2017Gopeng Ultra100km, 50kmTrailN/AURL
April01/04/2017Kuching Ultra50km, 70kmRoadGrit Event ManagementURL
April09/04/2017Sungai Menyala Forest Trail50kmTrailMalatra VenturesURL
April15/04/2017Route 68 Challenge168km, 84km, 50kmRoadUltra Running MalaysiaURL
May07/05/2017King of Kampung Kemensah50kmTrailTeam PacatURL
May13/05/2017Penang Malaysia ECO 100168km, 100km, 50kmTrailEndurance NatureURL
May20/05/2017Runners Wild Bario 201750kmTrailRunners WildURL
July22/07/2017Cameron Ultra Trail100km, 55kmTrailBOLTURL
August04/08/2017The Magnificent Merapoh Trail100km, 70kmTrailThe Running ProjectURL
August05/08/2017ZL 12h International Challenge12hRoad/LoopNGV Big Son BadN/A
August19/08/2017Fraser Ultra22km, 70km, 100kmRoadEndurance NatureURL
September10/09/2017Back 2 Endurance12h/50kmRoadUltra Running MalaysiaURL
September30/09/2017Penang Ultra 201784km, 100kmRoadActifeStyleURL
September16-17/09/2017The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT)50km, 100kmTrailBorneo Ultra TrailsURL
October15/10/2017King of Sungai Lembing50kmRoadTeam PacatURL
October21/10/2017UM 2424 hoursTrackEndurance NatureURL
October22/10/2017Pink Ultra50km/12hRoad/LoopPink Runners/Team PacatURL
November25-26/11/2017Melaka Ultra50km, 100km, 160kmRoadTeam PacatURL
November05/11/2017Miri Bungai Beach Ultra60kmTrail (Beach)Bulatan Park RunnersURL


King of Sungai Lembing (KOSL)

Fraser Ultra


UiTM Ultra Marathon

The Magnificent Merapoh Trail (TMMT)

Titi Ultra

Sungai Menyala Forest Trail

Route 68 Challenge

Penang Ultra

Kuching Ultra



Malaysia Ultra League Championship is property of the Malaysian Ultra Runners Association.
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